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Cuisinero (Pilot Episode)

Cuisinero (Pilot Episode)

Let Chef J Domingo show you how to celebrate the blessings come harvest time by whipping up the tastiest dishes from farm to plate. Nothing is wasted or taken for granted here, as all ingredients are given equal importance. What this cooking show will make you realize is that farmers are unsung heroes, toiling day and night to feed not just their family, but the great human family that inhabits the earth.

Tales From The Food Zone (Pilot Episode)

Tales From The Food Zone (Pilot Episode)

From the creators of Tales From The Friend Zone comes the cooking show of the ages--Tales From the Food Zone! This is dedicated to all who have been friend-zoned, and the millions of Abangers out there. Remember, there is hope. You may not have Ramon Bautista's dashing good looks, but you can learn how to cook. And the way to a woman's heart is sometimes the road less traveled--through her innards. So enough talk, and let Ramon lead the way!

In the Mood for Food with Ara (Pilot Episode)

In the Mood for Food with Ara (Pilot Episode)

Life is filled with different stories all pointing to the human drama--whether it be about love, family, or friendship. In The Mood For Food with Ara Mina gives you the best of these stories tied together with simple-to-follow cooking demos. Watch how Ara's life unfolds and how she cooks her way through the hearts of the people in her life.

Sawsawan (Pilot Episode)

Sawsawan (Pilot Episode)

What is the one thing that HAS to be on the table of every Filipino household during mealtime? You guessed it--sawsawan! See, what's nilaga without patis, what's chicharon without vinegar? And there are so many different types of sawsawan that if you want to learn them all, you've got to watch the cooking show that's all about that ubiquitous Filipino dip--Sawsawan.

What is Filipino Food

What is Filipino Food

Teaser video featuring Chef Gino Gonzalez, Chef China Cojuangco, Chef J Domingo, Ara Mina, Sam Oh, Ramon Bautista, RA Rivera, and food blogger Spanky Enriquez.

What Is The Future of Filipino Food?

What Is The Future of Filipino Food?

Filipino Food chefs and hosts give their answers to this burning question.

Lutong Bahay with Chef Mitchie Sison

Lutong Bahay with Chef Mitchie Sison

Let Chef Mitchie Sison share time-honored dishes from family cooks. Learn the basics of Filipino home cooking only here on Lutong Bahay.

PINOY HOME COOK VIDEOS! Video #1: My Lola's Arroz Valenciana

PINOY HOME COOK VIDEOS! Video #1: My Lola's Arroz Valenciana

Love to cook at home for family and friends? Love to watch cooking shows? Then we'd like to see YOU cook here on Pinoy Home Cook Videos! Simply record yourself with a camera making a special dish that you'd like to share with the world. You can appear in it as the host, or not. You can record a voice over for it, or not. Whatever works for you works for us, as long as you cook a Filipino dish. If it's a classic, give it your own twist. Or invent your own. Then, upload your video on YouTube and send us the link. If you already have an existing cooking video on YouTube, go ahead and send us the link. We will screen the entries and pick the ones that will go on the show. Not everyone will get in, so make it good!  There will be two cooking videos for every episode. At the end of the show's season, we will pick one winner who will get a special prize and the chance to be featured on Filipino Food    


Two of Japan’s comfort food get top-billing at Tonkatsu by Terazawa


Tonkatsu by Terazawa focus on two of Japan’s favorite comfort food with the launch of its new offerings–Savory Ramen and Crispy Tempura, available at its Greenbelt 2 restaurant.

A Japanese classic loved for its delicate texture and freshness, tempura is the ultimate Japanese fried food minus the greasiness. Chefs at Tonkatsu by Terazawa have perfected this tricky art form, serving succulent tempura coated in light and airy batter with crispy bits served with a warm dipping sauce. Customers may order the a la carte Shrimp Tempura in threes (Php 245) or fives (Php 375), or opt for variety with the Assorted Tempura priced at Php 355  with three pieces of shrimp, one oyster and 30 grams of kizu fish.

Meanwhile, the restaurant satiates the guests’ penchant for Japanese ramen with its line of soulful and slurp-inducing Savory Ramen served in a tasty broth of Shoyu, Tonkotsu or Sio.

Tonkotsu gets its depth of flavor from pork bones boiled for hours to have a rich, almost buttery broth that’s both delicious and comforting. Ramen in Shoyu Sauce is a reference to the popular Japanese soy sauce which gives this dish its tangy, salty and savory character. Sio Ramen, in contrast, features a mellow flavor with a salt-based, clear broth. Each bowl of ramen is served with corn, wakame (seaweed) and cabbage. Add-ons are also available to make the dish extra special: Black Spanish Iberico (45g), Php 125; Tokusen Kurobuta (45g), Php 125; Chashu (2 slices), Php 75; and Flavored Egg, Php 75.

Enjoy Japan’s favorite comfort food available at Tonkatsu by Terazawa in Greenbelt 2. Aside from ramen and tempura, the restaurant also serves some of the best tonkatsu dishes in the metro.


Make your heart and those of your loved ones healthier and happier with delightful meals from Hunt’s Kitchen Superstar.

“I love my heart” and share the same concern with your family and friends with dishes that are both yummy and healthy.  Go hearty and happy with these easy-to-prepare recipes from Hunt’s Kitchen Superstar.

For starters, here is the no-frills Tuna Loaf Wraps. Infused with Hunt’s Spaghetti Sauce Parmesan Cheese, the combination of garlic and cheese, and nutrient-packed tuna, this simple yet satisfying meal makes for a hearty appetizer or snack.

Generously laden with Hunt’s Pinoy Style Tomato Sauce with Lycofiber, the Fish and Tofu in Oriental Sauce dish comes with that familiar sweet and savory blend to match the mood of candlelit dinner dates or any home celebrations. Those who don’t have enough time to cook will find this a cinch to prepare and serve, with easy-to-use ingredients like cream dory, tofu and of course, Hunt’s well-loved Pinoy Style Tomato Sauce.




1 loaf white loaf bread, big  
180 grams tuna flakes in oil
30 grams onion, chopped  
30 gram garlic, chopped
1 pack, 250g Hunt’s Spaghetti Sauce Parmesan Cheese  
100 grams lettuce    
¼ kilo cheese, grated  


1.  To make the wrap, trim the edges of the loaf and flatten using rolling pin/bottles, then set aside.

2.  To make the filling, sauté onion and garlic using the oil from the tuna. Add tuna and Hunt’s Spaghetti Sauce Parmesan Cheese. Simmer the sauce and reduce until thick.

3.   Place the flattened loaf bread on a plate then top with lettuce. Spread a spoonful of sauce onto the lettuce and sprinkle with cheese.

4.   Roll the bread and pinch the edge to lock it. You may serve it whole or cut in halves.

Makes 6 to 8 servings.





  200 grams tempura batter (showa)
  1 kilo cream dory  
  To taste:
  salt & pepper
  ½ pc. lemon
  100 grams flour
  1 Lt. oil (fryer)
  ½ kilo tofu (tokwa)
  60 grams ginger, grated
  60 grams white onions, chopped
  60 grams garlic, chopped  
  1 pack, 1 kilo Hunt’s Pinoy Style Tomato Sauce with Lycofiber    
120 ml. soy sauce  
100 grams white sugar  
50 grams cilantro, chopped  
50 grams red & green bell peppers  
45 ml. sesame oil  

1.   Mix tempura batter according to package specification.

2.   Cut dory into small strips and season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Coat in flour and dip into batter. Fry in medium heat until crisp; set aside.

3.     Cut tofu into 1-inch cubes. Fry; set aside.

4.     Sauté ginger, onion and garlic.

5.     Add Hunt’s Pinoy Style Tomato Sauce and soy sauce, then simmer. Add sugar, cilantro, bell peppers and sesame oil. Pour sauce into fish and tofu, then mix well.

Makes 10 to12 servings.

For more superstar recipes, visit and


Discover more garlic-inspired delights that only Krazy Garlik can do

hog-earsKrispy Hog Ears Salad, one of the latest bestsellers at Krazy Garlik

spring-rolllsImperial Spring Rolls


Count on Krazy Garlik to come up with crazy ways to use garlic in its dishes! Here are 10   new lip-smacking items on the restaurant’s menu as proofs.

Prep up your taste buds for some serious grub ahead with Krazy Garlik’s shareable samplers brimming with garlicky goodness: Onion Rings Tower, Garlik Toast Toppers, Chorizo and Mussels , a dish of Chilean mussels and Manila clams sautéed in white wine, garlic, bell pepper and onion leeks, best paired with 12” of Garlik, a foot-long garlic bread topped with bacon bits and parmesan cheese.

If you love spring rolls, you will definitely go loco over Imperial Spring Roll, Krazy Garlik’s own take on this Asian classic stuffed with layers of ground meat, rice noodles, peanut, and romaine lettuce. Craving for something unusual? Try the Krispy Hog Ears Salad which is mixed greens tossed in garlic lemongrass dressing topped with roasted pepper, roasted garlic, red onion, red cabbage and crispy hog ears. A new entrée fast becoming a topseller is Vegetable Medley Rice, a rice dish tossed with seasonal vegetables flavored with fish paste and topped with pork slices.

Be sure to stay for dessert like the Popcorn Basket, hand formed caramel coated popcorn basket served with vanilla ice cream; Choco Panna Cotta, homemade Italian vanilla ice cream topped with dark chocolate, garlic and chocolate chips; and Charlie’s Chocolate, chocolate ice cream on a bed of chocolate crumbs and chocolate sponge cake served with meringue mushroom.

Krazy Garlik is an original, homegrown restaurant concept of The Bistro Group born out of the idea that an everyday ingredient like garlic can spawn many incredible dishes. To match this ingenuity, the restaurant gets creative with its food presentation as seen in the new plating of dishes that’s visually appetizing!

Visit Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt 5 (501 3752-53);  Newport Mall, Resorts World (621 7148-49); Promenade, Greenhills (650-3733) Alabang (659-3392). To know more about Krazy Garlik, visit


Show your loved ones you care with mouthwatering meals.


King Sue, one of the best brands of ham that has been on Filipino tables since 1930, shares useful ideas on how to prepare mouthwatering  meals to express your love using everyday ingredients combined with premium hams, sausages and bacon.  They are easy to prepare, even those with less than perfect kitchen skill can do them.

  • ·         Take your wife (and kids) to your favorite park and bond over breakfast, picnic-style. Prepare a breakfast basket which may contain any of the following: slices of King Sue ham, different types of cheeses, omelets, tomatoes, olives, crackers, bread and drinks. Bring board games for some family bonding after the meal.
  • ·         You can also have a family meal al fresco right in your own garden. Bring out the barbeque grill and start having fun by making your own version of sweet and savory skewers layered with ham, sausages, fruits and veggies.   Or you can whip pasta dishes with a creamy sauce and King Sue bacon.
  • ·         Is your loved one working on a weekend? Make ham sandwiches, quiches, grilled macaroni and cheese sandwich, or even muffins with ham filling,  he can enjoy during office breaks.

The bottom line is, there’s really no excuse not to come up with something heart-warming on any day for bonding. It only takes a dash of creativity, love and reliable ingredients like King Sue’s premium hams, sausages and bacon to put together a simple but unforgettable celebration.

King Sue hams and other meat products are available at leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.  Visit or call 881-0530 & 364-5430 for inquiries and orders


Enjoy the “Fresh Catch” at Fish & Co’ with seven  new to-share dishes.

steam-seafoodSteamed Seafood Bucket at Fish & Co

burgerBurger Slider made of 100 percent Wagyu beef, only at Fish & Co

 Get ready to get hooked all over again as Fish & Co’ launches its new “Fresh Catch”. From starters to mains, there are seven new sharable dishes ways to lure your palates.

Big flavors begin with “Fish Bites,” the restaurant’s way of starting your meal right. Enjoy Crispy Crablets which are deep-fried until crispy and golden brown and served with the signature vinegar sauce. The Prawn & Artichoke Dip is a rich and creamy option–take a piece of flour tortilla; eat it with the baked prawns and artichoke hearts, cream and cheese dip.

Indulge your appetite  further with the  Exploding Crackers—crispy prawn crackers and fried calamari tentacles topped with cheese sauce, pico de gallo and jalapenos.  If you want something spicy, try the Bonito Fries–flavorful potato wedges sprinkled with furikake, nori sheets and katsuobushi, served with homemade spicy tobiko mayo.

Beyond the bounties of the sea, Fish & Co. serves a variety of delightful dishes that cater to meat lovers.  A popular appetizer and bar food,  the Wagyu Burger Sliders are 100 percent Wagyu beef patties mixed with honey mustard bbq sauce, cheese slices and sandwiched into mini burger buns. Care for chicken? Sink your teeth into the Sea Buffalo–chicken breasts that are coated with a hot and spicy buffalo sauce, deep-fried and served with bleu cheese dip.

Now onto the mains. Savor the lip-smacking flavors of the Imperial Fish and relish the distinct stuffings of mussels, crab meat and salmon. Seafood rice and French beans complete this delicious dish.  Find treasure in a bucket with the medley of seafood in a flavorful stock served in a hot pot called the Steamed Seafood Bucket.

Visit Fish & Co branches at Greenbelt 3 (729 7431); SM Mall of Asia (556 0683) and Trinoma (916 2028). To know more about Fish & Co., check out


Modern Shanghai Restaurant offers various ways of celebrating the Year of the Wood Sheep  to attract good luck and bring families together.

modern-shanghai             Modern Shanghai (3/F Glorietta and 2/F Mall of Asia) has special delights to thrill the taste buds for the Chinese Lunar New Year and beyond.

Ang Pao coupons entitle guests to special dishes at big savings:  Wok-fried Sliced Beef with Broccoli and Yang Chow Fried Rice may be enjoyed for Php 528 (with savings worth Php 180);   Birthday Noodles and Shandong Buns are available at Php 328 (savings of Php 98); free 6 pieces Siomai for a minimum purchase of Php 500 and free 4 pieces Hakaw for a minimum purchase of Php 500.

There are also specially prepared Good Fortune Set Meals that are meant to please  palates and bring good luck this year.  These include  Yang Chow Fried Rice, Birthday Noodles, a choice between steamed garoupa in soy sauce and deep-fried garoupa with sweet & sour sauce and sauteed string beans with minced pork. (As an extra treat to guests, free tikoy was given on February 19 for the purchase of any of these meals.)

Easy Listening Nights

A cold  brew or hot coffee plus cool soothing sounds in the background, makes for a blissful day-ender at The Lounge of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

Reserve Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at The Lounge for Easy Listening Nights and get to experience music bliss to end your day with all the good vibes.

Easily accessible at the hotel’s lobby, The Lounge now offers not just coffee, tea, sandwiches and pastries, but also choice drinks and bar chow in the evenings. And complementing its mid-week and weekend Happy Hour are live musical performances from the hotel’s talented resident artists.

Reminisce the good ol’ days as you listen to classic strumming of country/folk tunes from the 50’s to the 90’s during Retro Folk Wednesdays; loosen up and celebrate the weekend with soothing pop jazz music from a pianist-singer duo at the Friday Rewind-Unwind; and enjoy a relaxing time listening to pop and R&B hits on the keyboards every Acoustic Chill Saturday. Performances are from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. No cover charge or minimum consumption required.

Enhance music tripping with drink-all-you-can Happy Hour fun of San Miguel bottled beers, non-alcoholic drinks and standard cocktails, plus pica-pica buffet, served from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., for only Php 580nett.  Happy Hour is also served Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays with plated bar chow.

For more inquiries and reservations, call 570-7777. Eastwood Richmonde Hotel is located at 17 Orchard Road, Eastwood City, Bagumbayan, Quezon City and is accessible through the 2nd floor of Eastwood Mall.


Looking for the perfect present? Go to Daiso Japan, its wide merchandise-mix makes gift-shopping hassle-free.

eggColorful Microwave Oven Egg Trays

You’ve probably seen them in one of your trips to the malls: stores selling all kinds of merchandise for home and personal use for as low as Php 88.  While these stores somehow look the same from the outside, not all are genuine hyakuen or what is known in Japan as 100-yen stores.

iceHeart-shaped trays to make ice, popsicle or ice candy

Thus, customers looking for the best value for their money know better and shop at Daiso Japan, one of the retail formats operated by Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc.

boxesPretty boxes for personal use or for gift-giving

 Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. holds the exclusive sub-license to sell authentic Daiso merchandise from Japan and operates the legitimate Daiso Japan store concept in the Philippines.

Quality, variety and uniqueness of products make Daiso Japan the number one supplier of living ware goods all over Japan. Here, shoppers are spoilt for choice and go crazy over the store’s massive display of unique items organized efficiently to make shopping a breeze. Additionally,  shelves are being replenished each week with the latest kawaii (cute) items from Japan including licensed Sanrio and Disney items assuring customers of quality along with big savings.

babyCuddly lap blanket with sheep design to keep baby comfortable

Aside from variety, product aspects such as design, packaging, and functionality are likewise important considerations in Daiso Japan’s merchandise mix, making it a favorite haunt for all things cute and practical by discerning shoppers. Thus, choosing a gift for any occasion is a lot more fun.

Browse through the store’s heart cookie cutter, heart boxes, floral magnets, heart sandwich boxes, candy safety pins, heart shaped microwave oven egg tray and glittering clear rollers. Keep in mind that the perfect present for a loved one doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Rather, it’s the thoughtful gesture and sincerity in giving that’s very much appreciated.

Visit Daiso Japan in most Robinsons malls nationwide and start shopping for quality and affordable merchandise. Newly-opened branches are located at Robinsons Townville Buhay Na Tubig, Imus Cavite; Robinsons Supermarket BF Homes and Robinsons Place Las Pinas.

To know more about Daiso Japan Philippines, check out Facebook: or @DaisoJapanPH


Get into a fiesta mood at C2 Classic Cuisine

C2-Barkada-Boodle Barkada Boodle

Celebrate Valentine in February; birthdays in March, graduation in April, etc. with a festive feast at C2 Classic Cuisine. It offers lavish yet affordable, shareable fiesta meals Pinoys love, boodle (kamayan) style.

Take a look: Set A or Love Triangle (Php 1,200), good for 3 persons; it features among others Lamang-Dagat Platter, Grilled Bangus Belly, Hilabos na Hipon; Set B or Barkada Boodle (Php 1,600), good for 4 to 6 persons; it has Crispy Tokwa’t Baboy, Lumpiang Hubad, Tinolang Binakol and Fiesta Rice, etc.; Set C or Family Boodle (Php 1,800) for 4 to 8 persons; the ultimate spread that satisfies to the max. All sets include a carafe of iced tea.

Book reservations at any C2 Classic Cuisine outlets: 5/L Shangri-La Plaza Mall (636-1510); Robinsons Place Manila (567-2402); The Wharf at Lakefront, Sucat (551-0447) and 18 Missouri St., Greenhills (723-2347).


Say “Forever” with Lombardi’s “Mi Completi” Lovers Special

LOMBARDISLinguine alla Botarga e Gamberetti

A tantalizing 4-course menu prepared by Chef Davide Lombardi awaits lovebirds at Lombardi’s Authentic Italian Restaurant. For just Php 1,199, savor swoon-worthy gourmet entrees: Calzone or Linguine Alla Botarga e Gamberetti (Stuffed

Pizza/Dried Italian Caviar with Tiger Prawns in Linguine Pasta) or Ossobuco Con Gremolata Due Profumi (Oven-braised Beef Shank)  and Crema Della Amore (Red and White Wine Colored Panna Cotta) for dessert.

Lombardi’s Lovers Special menu is available throughout February; the casually elegant Italian restaurant is at 4/F East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Please call 631-9762 for bookings.


Give in to your Cravings anytime of day with Pancake House’s all-time favorite, Pan Chicken.

PANCAKE-HOUSE-Pan-Chicken Pancake House’s bestseller: Hearty Pan Chicken Set

Make everyday a shared Valentine with Pancake House’s Hearty Pan Chicken Set. It’s good for 2 to 3 persons and consists of 5 pieces crispy, delicious Pan Chicken, a bowl of refreshing House Salad and 3 scoops of Mashed Potatoes.

The Hearty Pan Chicken Set is available at all Pancake House outlets nationwide. Don’t miss other favorites such as: the iconic melt-in-the-mouth pancakes, waffles and creamy milkshakes, etc.

To enjoy the meal in the comforts of your home, call 7-9000 for deliveries from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Celebrate the Season of Love at Cravings

Cravings-cake-collectionCake Collection only at Cravings 

Until February 15, Cravings, the metro’s best-loved fine dining restaurant, offers “Cravings of the Heart.” It presents the best of a romantic date–an indulgent 4-course menu, a cake collection and freebies that include a chance to win free movie tickets.

The menu consists of Cravings’ signature specialties from Baked Salmon Fillet for him and to Chicken Breast Roulade for her.

To cap the meal, what can be sweeter than a choice from the Cake Collection, the ultimate chocolate indulgence. Here is a “bite”: Chocolate Desire, Chocolate Delirium and Strawberry Mousse Obssesion.

For couple who can’t have enough, check out Cravings at Fraser Place (Salcedo Village, Makati City) with its month-long Hearts’ Day promo.

For details, please call Cravings stores at 587-9634 (Katipunan, Q.C.),815-4271 (Fraser Place,Makati City), 635-6087 (Shangri-La Plaza Mall), and 556-0927 (Molito, Alabang).


Celebrate the Year of the Sheep; welcome Good Fortune!

February 19 marks the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Wood Sheep.

With it, welcome good fortune and good luck at Richmonde Cafe’s Chinoy Festival 2015. Revel in a bountiful spread of Chinese classics, among them: Fukien Chinese Fried Chicken, Spicy Hoisin Stir-fried Pork with Mushrooms, Sliced Beef with Red and Green Bell Peppers.

A bestseller at Richmonde Cafe not to be missed is Lechon Macau. Also enjoy an assortment of dimsums and dumplings for good fortune and noodles for longevity.


The Chinoy Festival feast is available at the Weekday Lunch Buffet onFebruary 16 and 18 and February 20, 2015 for Php 998nett and at the FridayDinner buffet on February 20, 2015 for Php 715nett.

Richmonde Cafe is at the 2/F Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, 21 San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, For more details, please call 689-8419/638-7777.



Café 1771 vows to make February 14 extra special for you and your loved one.

cafeCafé 1771 the Whimsy Area


 The Lounge has the perfect ambiance for a memorable Valentine dinner

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love all over again with an unforgettably romantic meal at Café 1771 prepared by Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco. Whether you prefer the quirky charm of the Whimsy Area, the cozy intimacy of The Lounge or the dimly lit elegance of the Events Place, The Café’s impeccable interiors and delightful service make the perfect backdrop for a night of romance.

Start your meal with Salad Lyonnaise, greens, poached leeks, bacon, and quail egg with chicken liver pate crostini followed by Mushroom Ravioli in Tomato Essence, herbed ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, with tomato broth.

Meat lovers will enjoy the mouth-watering Roasted U.S. Prime Beef Tenderloin, marinated in olive oil bath with lacquer bearnaise sauce and potato cups with spinach, ratatouille and cauliflower (Php1,800/person).

For those who prefer something lighter yet equally flavorful, there is the Halibut Nori, pan-seared halibut wrapped in nori seaweed with ponzu sauce; golden raisin pilaf; and green pea puree (Php 1,600/person).

You can also opt for the Surf and Surf, grouper in caper almond gremolata and prawns in zucchini ribbons with Prosecco beurre blanc and paprika mashed potato (Php1,600/person).

For romantic nights to remember, wine and dine your loved one at Café 1771 at El Pueblo Real de Manila, J. Vargas cor. ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Please call 470-6559/631-7340 or 0917-866-0442 for details/reservations.


What can be more special than a steak dinner with your beloved on  Valentine’s Day?

angus-steak A 12-ounce Certified Angus Strip Loin with a Secret Herbed Butter Sauce

l’entrecôte Corner Bistro at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City offers a Steak Lovers Menu for Valentine’s Day.

The special meal starts with Tomato Nage, a flavored broth of sun ripened-tomatoes, white wine and spices enhanced with olive oil and complimented by Marinated Salmon on Calamansi Mousse. The main course is a 12 ounce US Certified Angus Strip Loin Steak topped with a Secret Herbed Butter Sauce and paired with unlimited Fresh Fries. Dessert is Coupe Romanoff, marinated fresh strawberry with vanilla ice cream.  Savor the whole meal with 2 glasses of House Red Wine.

This romantic meal for two is Php 2,990 plus 10 percent service charge.

For reservations, call l’entrecôte at telephone numbers 856-4858, 836-2764 or mobile 0905-991-1266. You can also visit for more information.


Make February 14 a real red-letter day with a luxe meal replete with caviar

seared-duckSeared Duck Breast with Red Wine Vinegar Glaze

guyabanoGuyabano Tarragon Sorbet with Raspberries and Blueberries

This Valentine’s Day, let your heart rule you and allow just love to  take you on a journey of gustatory delights at Chateau 1771. The restaurant’s elegant interiors and attentive, yet unobtrusive service make the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco has pulled out all the stops in creating an unforgettable meal for you and your special someone.

Start off your meal with Microgreens and Homemade Seafood Sausage Topped with Caviar, followed by a hearty Oxtail Soup En Croute.

For your main course, choose from Seared Duck Breast with Red Wine Vinegar Glaze (Php 3,400); Sundried Tomato Crusted Sea Bass with Cauliflower Puree (Php 3,600); or Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Mash and Braised Short Rib in an Orange Balsamic Reduction (Php 3,800).  Have a sweet ending with Guyabano Tarragon Sorbet with Blueberries and Raspberries.

Chateau 1771 prides itself on its “No Borders Cuisine,” unique innovations on Swiss, French and Italian favorites prepared to suit the Filipino palate. From its beginnings in 1988 as a favorite date spot among Malate-goers, to its days as a popular venue for proposals, Chateau 1771 has continued to provide unforgettably romantic experiences to couples over the past 26 years. Today, it is located at Greenbelt 5, Makati. For reservations, call 729-9760 to 61 or 0917-862-6467.


Discover the latest steaks—bold on flavors, big on sides at TGIF. 

tgif-steakSteak and Garlic Fries, a steakhouse classic juicy, fire-grilled rib-eye served with Parmesan-crusted tomatoes and savoy herbed butter

TGIFriday’s which stands for great times and good food in a casual and fun dining ambience, recently launched new, memorable steaks perfectly complemented by bold flavor combinations and served with delicious sides.

“These juicy, big-taste steak entrées add exciting new dimensions of flavor and presentation in a variety of popular cuts. They will appeal to Fridays longtime steak fans and impress guests who thought they had to go to a high-end restaurant to enjoy imaginative steak fare, Our chefs really outdid themselves with these perfectly seasoned masterpieces,” said Guia Abuel VP Operations.  “All of the ingredients and flavors work together to create a ‘wow’ effect.”

Enjoy flavor times two with Double Mushroom Rib-eye—an 8oz certified Angus Beef steak served with fried shiitake mushroom strips, roasted mushroom gravy and Friday’s ultimate Mac N Cheese—best paired with a glass of Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon.           

          Dig into the Steak and Garlic Fries,  a steakhouse classic. It’s the ultimate juicy fire-grilled rib-eye topped with savoy herb butter and served with a Parmesan crusted, broiled tomato and horseradish cream.

These steak combinations, available for a limited time, create unforgettable meals served up with healthy portions of carefree Friday’s fun.

TGIFriday’s has 16 restaurants in Metro Manila and select provincial cities. To know more about TGIF, check it out at


As love fills the air this February, Richmonde Hotel Ortigas prepares an array of special offerings to honor lovers and the gods of love, passion and romance.


From February 1 to 28, couples can commemorate the timeless magic of love just like the Greek gods with a classic “Immortal Love” hotel stay. The package includes lush room appointments, Wi-Fi access, sumptuous breakfast fare for two, and a fine bottle of wine that may be served at the Richmonde Café or The Exchange bar (except on February 13 when wine will be served in-room). To add more fun to the Valentine experience, the couple may avail of the  complimentary use of the Health Club’s gym and heated indoor pool.

Rates for this Valentine’s Room Package are at Php 4,800nett for a Deluxe Room, and Php 5,300nett for a Junior Suite.  Also available are discounted room rates from Php 3,900nett (no breakfast) and Php 4,300nett (with breakfast buffet for two). All the promotional rates for Valentine’s are valid only for local residents or foreigners with ACR, and are subject to room availability. Promotion may be suspended during high occupancy.

At the Richmonde Café on February 14, make sweet, romantic memories with “Love Eternal”, a charming Grecian/European-inspired dinner that pays homage to undying devotion. Start off by enjoying hearty servings of starters like cali di desiderio (Dips of Desire) at the antipasti tavolo (antipasto table); saladas such as Arancio e Melograno (Orange & Pomegranate Salad), Fattoush Salada (Toasted Pita Bread in Mixed Green Leaf Lettuce); Grilled Octopus, Sardine Ceviche, assorted breads and Greek Pizza, plus Cream of Wild Mushroom with Truffle Oil Soup, at the appetizer buffet.  Then select your preferred mouth-watering plated entrée and sidings: Grilled Rib Eye with Mediterranean Rub or Charred Salmon with Fennel, Tomatoes and Olives; and Greek-style Roasted Potatoes or Saffron Rice Pilaf.  End the meal perfectly with divine Dolci dalla Pasticceria (cakes from the bakery) overflowing at the dessert counter. Get this sensuous feast for only Php 1,350 nett, inclusive of a glass of red or white wine.

Celebrate love that endures at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas this Valentine’s Day. For inquiries and reservations, call 638-7777. Richmonde Hotel Ortigas is located at 21 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For more information, send an email to


How do you say ‘I Love You?’ Say it with chocolate, not just any chocolate but something straight from the heart and hearth.

Say it three ways, even – from your favorite Tiramisu dusted with cocoa powder to Decadent Brownies to a chocolate-dipped Meringue Swirl. Have a whole lot of ‘lovin’ plus a ton of ‘kissin’ this Valentine with these uniquely delicious recipes only from The Maya Kitchen.

love-chocolateAn irresistible Valentine gift—Chocolate Meringue Kisses (left, foreground), Angel Food Cake Tiramisu (right, foreground) and Chocolate Fudge Brownies (top)

Angel food Cake Tiramisu

For the Cake:

½ cup + 1 tbsp.       Maya Cake Flour, sifted
1/8 tsp.                      salt
¼ cup                        sugar
½ +1/3 cup              egg whites
½ tsp.                         cream of tartar
1 tsp.                          vanilla extract
¼ cup                        sugar

Coffee Syrup:

½ – 1 tbsp.                 instant coffee powder
2 tbsps.                      sugar
½ cup                        hot water
2 tbsps.                      coffee liqueur

Cream Topping:

1 bar                          cream cheese
¼ cup                        sugar
|2 tbsps.                      confectioners’ sugar
2 tbsps.                      low-fat milk
2 tbsps.                      plain yogurt
1 pc.                           vanilla bean pod
½ cup                        whipping cream

2 tbsps.                      cocoa powder, for garnish


Prepare angel food cake: Preheat oven to 350?F/177?C. Line the bottom of an 8-inch square pan. Set aside. Sift flour, salt and ¼ cup of sugar 4 times. Set aside. Beat egg whites with cream of tartar until soft peaks form. Add vanilla extract and remaining sugar gradually and continue beating until stiff. Fold in flour mixture gently; blend well. Pour into the prepared pan and smoothen the top. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until done. Loosen the sides by using a spatula or dinner knife and invert cake on a wire rack to cool for about an hour.

Prepare coffee syrup: Dissolve coffee powder and sugar in hot water. Add coffee liqueur and stir well.

Prepare cream topping: Beat cream cheese, sugar and confectioners’ sugar until the sugars are dissolved. Beat in milk and yogurt. Split the vanilla bean pod lengthwise and scrape the seeds; beat into the mixture. Set aside. Whip the cream until double in size. Fold whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture. Transfer to a piping bag with a round piping tip.

To assemble: Transfer cake to a plate. Brush with coffee syrup until well-soaked. Pipe cream on top of the cake. Dust top with cocoa powder.

Yield: 8 servings




1 pack (500 grams)         Maya Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix
½ cup                                butter, softened
2                                         eggs
1 tbsp.                                water
½ cup                                cashew nuts, chopped

dark chocolate, melted (as needed)

chocolate heart cut-outs (as needed)

whipped cream (optional)


Preheat oven to 325°F/163°C. Grease and line the bottom of an 8-inch square pan. Set aside. In a bowl, stir brownie mix, butter, water, eggs and nuts (set some aside for topping) until well blended. Spread in prepared pan and top with reserved nuts. Bake for 30-35 minutes. Cool completely before cutting. Drizzle or spread melted chocolate on top of brownies and decorate as desired.

Yield: 4 servings (4 x 4” squares)




1 tbsp.            Maya Cornstarch
6 tbsps.          sugar
2                      egg whites
1/8 tsp.          cream of tartar
pinch             salt
½ tsp.             vanilla extract
1 tbsp.            cocoa powder

dark chocolate, melted, as needed


Preheat oven to 300?F/149?C. Line one cookie sheet with baking paper and set aside. In a bowl, combine cornstarch and sugar. Mix well then set aside.

Using a stand mixer on high speed with whisk attachment, beat the egg whites, cream of tartar, salt and vanilla extract until soft peaks form. Reduce speed to low and gradually add the cornstarch and sugar mixture. Return to high speed and beat until stiff peaks form. Fold in the cocoa powder.

Transfer mixture to a piping bag with a star tip. Pipe meringue kisses on the cookie sheet and bake for 40 minutes. Turn the oven off and leave the tray inside the oven for one hour. Let the meringue kisses cool at room temperature for at least 10 minutes. Once cooled, dip half in melted chocolate. Let the chocolate-dipped meringue kisses set on a lined cookie sheet and transfer to an airtight container.

Yield: 15 to 20 pieces