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Cuisinero (Pilot Episode)

Cuisinero (Pilot Episode)

Let Chef J Domingo show you how to celebrate the blessings come harvest time by whipping up the tastiest dishes from farm to plate. Nothing is wasted or taken for granted here, as all ingredients are given equal importance. What this cooking show will make you realize is that farmers are unsung heroes, toiling day and night to feed not just their family, but the great human family that inhabits the earth.

Tales From The Food Zone (Pilot Episode)

Tales From The Food Zone (Pilot Episode)

From the creators of Tales From The Friend Zone comes the cooking show of the ages--Tales From the Food Zone! This is dedicated to all who have been friend-zoned, and the millions of Abangers out there. Remember, there is hope. You may not have Ramon Bautista's dashing good looks, but you can learn how to cook. And the way to a woman's heart is sometimes the road less traveled--through her innards. So enough talk, and let Ramon lead the way!

In the Mood for Food with Ara (Pilot Episode)

In the Mood for Food with Ara (Pilot Episode)

Life is filled with different stories all pointing to the human drama--whether it be about love, family, or friendship. In The Mood For Food with Ara Mina gives you the best of these stories tied together with simple-to-follow cooking demos. Watch how Ara's life unfolds and how she cooks her way through the hearts of the people in her life.

Sawsawan (Pilot Episode)

Sawsawan (Pilot Episode)

What is the one thing that HAS to be on the table of every Filipino household during mealtime? You guessed it--sawsawan! See, what's nilaga without patis, what's chicharon without vinegar? And there are so many different types of sawsawan that if you want to learn them all, you've got to watch the cooking show that's all about that ubiquitous Filipino dip--Sawsawan.

What is Filipino Food

What is Filipino Food

Teaser video featuring Chef Gino Gonzalez, Chef China Cojuangco, Chef J Domingo, Ara Mina, Sam Oh, Ramon Bautista, RA Rivera, and food blogger Spanky Enriquez.

What Is The Future of Filipino Food?

What Is The Future of Filipino Food?

Filipino Food chefs and hosts give their answers to this burning question.

Lutong Bahay with Chef Mitchie Sison

Lutong Bahay with Chef Mitchie Sison

Let Chef Mitchie Sison share time-honored dishes from family cooks. Learn the basics of Filipino home cooking only here on Lutong Bahay.

PINOY HOME COOK VIDEOS! Video #1: My Lola's Arroz Valenciana

PINOY HOME COOK VIDEOS! Video #1: My Lola's Arroz Valenciana

Love to cook at home for family and friends? Love to watch cooking shows? Then we'd like to see YOU cook here on Pinoy Home Cook Videos! Simply record yourself with a camera making a special dish that you'd like to share with the world. You can appear in it as the host, or not. You can record a voice over for it, or not. Whatever works for you works for us, as long as you cook a Filipino dish. If it's a classic, give it your own twist. Or invent your own. Then, upload your video on YouTube and send us the link. If you already have an existing cooking video on YouTube, go ahead and send us the link. We will screen the entries and pick the ones that will go on the show. Not everyone will get in, so make it good!  There will be two cooking videos for every episode. At the end of the show's season, we will pick one winner who will get a special prize and the chance to be featured on Filipino Food    


The best grocery shopping experience is a dream no more; enjoy it at the new Robinsons Selections.

Shopping for home essentials from food items to laundry detergent need not be a chore. It should be enjoyed like that mug of coffee you always look forward to with friends after a hard day at the office. Or that pair of very comfy sneakers that have seen you through numerous happy weekends and vacations. Yes, a hassle-free grocery shopping is no longer a pipe dream.

robinson-dec12The spacious aisle of the Winery, Deli, fresh meat and poultry sections.

Grocery-chain giant Robinsons Supermarket takes you to a new level of shopping thrill at Robinsons Selections. The latter’s recent opening (Eight Forbes Town Road, BGC, Taguig City) marked the chain’s 100th store and “There’s more to come,” vows Angela Totanes, assistant marketing manager for Robinsons Supermarket Health & Wellness department. “It’s a one-stop shop for essentials very convenient for people-on-the-go,” adds Gelo Santos, marketing officer.


The name of the store gives the consumer what it is all about—great selections, well-chosen items and perhaps, a number of exclusives, too. According to Jody Gadia, general manager, Robinsons Supermarket, “This new retail sub-format is part of the company’s efforts to extend its reach by tapping niche markets. We endeavor to deliver better service by understanding our customers and their ever-changing consumption patterns.”

As soon as you enter the shop, you feel the difference—the courtesy extended by the staff from opening the door with a smile to providing you with a shopping basket. It is also evident that the staffers do not only wear a smile, they are well-groomed, too. Grumpy faces and sloppy uniforms do not have a place in a shop which offers food that are fresh and ready-to-eat
or to-go and beauty products, among others.

Even if you are a first-time shopper at Robinsons Selections, it is easy to find your way around for each signage designating the shelves of the products you need are eye-friendly. The section signage like Home Essentials, Deli and Beverage are huge and the letters have
backlighting that does not irritate the eyes.

Since it is in a building of mixed use category and surrounded as well by posh condominiums, Robinsons Selections has a motley crowd of expats, working professionals and residents. The store hours run from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Gelo says, “the busy times peak at 10 a.m. to 12 noon, 4 to 6 p.m. for coffee breaks and 8 to 10 p.m. for after-office and before-goinghome snacks or shopping. “There are regulars who take their dinner here before heading home because of the metro traffic,” points out Gelo.

Health buffs will find the Fit Cuisine selections palate-pleasers, lifestyle-friendly and affordable. Angela shares, “The meals here are evaluated by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) and guests may ask Chef JP Anglo for suggestions.” The offerings range from meals that are diabetic-friendly, fiber-rich to low-fat and low-calorie. There are great finds, too at the Salad Bar, Maki Bar and Mongolian BBQ Corner.

beauty-boxThe Beauty Box has its own entrance from the parking area; it also features a pharmacy.

The Fresh Produce Section is simply bursting with color, freshness and great aroma. Those looking for plump and large strawberries as well as grapes (black, red and green), luscious and huge oranges and apples, Honeydew Melon and cantaloupe won’t be disappointed. And if you want to make your salad from scratch, going to the section is like harvesting salad greens from your backyard garden.


Fruits and vegetables are so fresh, they look like they have just been picked from the garden.


The signage indicating the various sections like Home Essentials and the shelves where the products are available are huge, easy to read and well-lighted.

“We teamed up with the Shangri-La Hotel group for the Epicurius selection in the Deli with chefs from the Center for Culinary Arts to assist patrons,” informs Gelo. “The chefs are on hand to help those who may need a party platter of cold cuts and cheese, an after-meal platter of cheeses or information on which wine go well with the deli choices.”

The cooked food and the grocery items are available for delivery within a 500-meter radius. Those who prefer to cook their meals will find an ally at Robinsons Selections from the veggies to the meat/poultry sections. For instance, at the beef and pork chillers, there are choice cuts (sukiyaki beef, butterflied pork, etc.) and ready-to-cook items like meatballs that are affordably portioned. Each tray is prominently stamped with the assurance, “Premium.”

Staples like coffee, tea, milk, cereals and rice, snack items from biscuits to nachos and dips are available, too but you can feel that each product is selected for quality. Even in the Home Essentials Section, it is noticeable that there is no overpowering smell of detergents or cleaning agents. The Beauty Box and a pharmacy get a prime corner with an entrance near the parking area but it is also accessible from the grocery.

Without doubt, Robinsons Selections is “a practical one-stop hub for essentials.” Its on-thego, very mobile clients would also welcome the Wi-Fi service, the sleek interiors and truly clean


      Metro-Manila welcomes the opening of the latest Outback Steakhouse outlet.

latest-OutbackThe latest Outback Steakhouse at Bluebay Walk (Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City).The 170-seater resto offers great food, excellent drinks and cozy ambience.

      Foodies, gourmands and most specially, steak lovers are definitely happy with the recent opening of the fourth outlet of Outback Steakhouse (Bluebay Walk, Macapagal Avenue). The well-loved steakhouse first opened in the Philippines in 1997 and Filipino foodies have been trooping since then to Glorietta, Alabang and Libis.

Prasoon-Mukher-jeePrasoon Mukher jee, business magnate and philanthropist, brought the world-renowned Outback Steakhouse chain to Southeast Asia.

       “It has taken us this long to expand because we are always looking for locations that would suit the needs of our clients,” says Donald Tenorio, Outback Steakhouse operating partner, Philippines and Singapore.  “We are opening more outlets not only in the Philippines but also in other Asian countries, among them Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Before the year is over, we are launching four more branches in four of our markets.”

Outback, although sporting a name that recalls the vast Australian remote area, it is a popular American brand with roots in Tampa, Florida (since 1988). It is the largest steakhouse chain in the world with over 1,000 locations across 22 countries.

Now, if you are not too much into steak, what will bring you to Outback? “Apart from steaks, we’ve got plenty more to offer,” informs Dilip Krishnan, marketing head, Outback Southeast Asia. “There are more than 50 dishes on the menu to include an assortment of burgers, chicken and seafood, pasta dishes, salads and soups.”

According to Mr.Krishnan, the menu items are designed around the theme “Big, Bold, Fresh Flavors.” He explains further, “That means, our dishes are generously portioned boldly flavored and all freshly made from scratch.” Mr. Tenorio adds, “Our core offering is steak and the bestsellers are our marbled Rib-eye, Outback Special, New York Strip and Victoria’s Fillet.” They strictly follow the steak mantra—timing, temperature, tenderness and texture and Mr. Tenorio says, “We can add tao or the chef/cook preparing the steak.”

Apart from which, Mr. Tenorio points out that Outback has a “proprietary blend of 17 spices that make our dishes more flavorful.” At the new branch, the American casual dining resto has a thought-provoking Fresh Wall which shows the 17spices.

To assure their clients that they get their money’s worth and let’s say trip, Outback ingredients are always of premium quality. Mr. Krishnan reveals, “We use high-quality grain-fed, dry-aged US or Australian Angus beef for all the steaks. Salmon comes from Norway while the pork ribs and dairy products are sourced from well-known European suppliers. Our global purchasing contracts allow us to offer good price points that benefit our patrons.”

Don’t forget the drinks. Outback has an engaging list of cocktails and patrons simply love the assortment of mojitos—the fruit-based cocktails made with fresh ingredients. Cap a steak or rib meal with coffee and a slice of the most luscious Chocolate Thunder from Down Under.

The Outback experience takes steak dining to a new level of great flavor as well as service. Thanks to Mr. Prasoon Mukherjee—a business magnate, investor and philanthropist from India who brought Outback to Southeast Asia. He has major businesses in India that include infrastructure and power supply, however, Outback is close to his heart for he began his illustrious career in the hospitality industry. The Philippines is also close to him, in fact, he supported relief efforts for the rehabilitation of the victims of typhoon Haian (Yolanda) in 2013.

Bulgogi Brothers opens at Newport Mall, First 100 Guests Get Free Bibimbap for a Year!


      Can’t get enough of bibimbap? Come over to Bulgogi Brothers’ opening at the 2nd level of Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila this December you might just find yourself among the first 100 guests to receive free bowls of Bibimbap for an entire year! That’s a total of 24 bowls of Bibimbaps sure to satisfy whenever your craving strikes for this ultimate Korean comfort food.

Following the success of its “Bibimbap for a Year” blowout during its Glorietta 2 store opening, the Korean BBQ Restaurant is doing a repeat of the same promo to celebrate the launch of its 5th outlet in the country

To qualify for the “Bibimbap for a year,” line up early at Bulgogi Brothers’ Newport Mall outlet and be counted as one of the first 100 guests during the opening day. Enjoy your first free serving of Bulgogi Bibimbap on your next visit until December 31, 2014. Avail of the other 23 Bibimbap bowls on your succeeding visits by simply purchasing any entrée in the menu, redeemable until November 29, 2015. Only one free serving of Bibimbap per table/transaction is allowed. The promo cannot be combined with the restaurant’s Premiere Card and other promos and offers. Not valid on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Bulgogi Brothers, a popular Korean restaurant franchise brought to the country by The Bistro Group of Restaurants, opened its maiden branch in the Philippines in 2011 at Greenbelt 5. The restaurant serves traditional and authentic Korean cuisine with several variations of bulgogi and bibimbap as some of its specialties.

Bulgogi Brothers has branches in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, Mall of Asia, Glorietta 2 and now at Newport Mall, Resorts World.
Visit to know the exact opening date of Bulgogi Brothers Newport Mall.

P20 Chicken Fingers Blow-out at T.G.I. Friday’s for its 20th anniversary on December 11


      Celebrate T.G.I. Friday’s 20 years in the country through an anniversary blowout happening on December 11 at all its branches nationwide. Come hungry on the said date and enjoy TGIFriday’s perennial best-seller, Chicken Fingers, for only P20! This one-day promo is the restaurant’s way of saying “thank you” to all its customers and their continued support through the years.

Hand-battered chicken tenders, golden fried and served with crispy seasoned fries and a dip of honey mustard dressing, Friday’s Chicken Fingers is a certified guest favorite – a must-order dish from the restaurant’s menu of American-style comfort food served in generous portions.

It has been 20 years since the American casual dining restaurant opened its very first store in the country in Glorietta 3. Sixteen locations and numerous recognitions later – including a Grand Store of the Year award given out by Ayala Malls this year – T.G.I. Friday’s continues to deliver on its promise of “In Here It’s Always Friday!” by constantly improving its menu, raising the bar in customer service andcreating a happy dining experience for its guests.

Its innovative and hip approach to casual dining has kept the fun spirit at T.G.I. Friday’s, known forstaging one of the most spectacular bartending competitions in the world. In addition to its world-famous bartenders, T.G.I. Friday’s is also the best place to chow down superb American food, from its signature burgers, mouthwatering steaks, Jack Daniel Grill specialties to pastas, salads, and decadent desserts.

Aside from the food, TGIF is also a popular watering hole for people who want to unwind and enjoy a round or two of after-work drinks. The bar is always fully stocked with an amazing selection of premium beers, winesand spirits; it also serves cocktails, smoothies and refreshing fruit mixes with a kick.

To date, T.G.I. Friday’s has 16 stores in Metro Manila and in key cities across the country. The newest branch recently opened at the Fairview Terraces Mall with a 150-seating capacity and features the brand’s new and more modern vibe.

The P20 Chicken Fingers offer is available on December 11, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a minimum purchase of Php250 per person.



      If you want a trip to ramen heaven, let Tonkatsu by Terazawa bring you there as it launches its line of Ramen Katsus at Greenbelt 2. Served a la carte, it has bowls of mouthwatering Katsu Ramens in Shoyu, Tonkotsu and Sio sauces.

There are different mouth-watering ways to enjoy your ramen. Take it with tonkotsu, made with pork bone broth  that is boiled for hours giving that rich, extremely flavorful taste.  You can also enjoy Tonkatsu by Terazawa’s Ramen in Shoyu Sauce.  The popular Japanese soy sauce gives this dish its tangy, salty and savory character.  Sio Ramen, meanwhile, is a also salt-based but has a lighter flavor in a clear broth.

A bowl of Tonkatsu by Terazawa’s ramen is made more special with the addition of their signature thick and tender katsu.

Apart from the goodness you can enjoy with every bowl of ramen, Tonkatsu by Terazawa has never been more serious in giving guests the best quality Katsu with the inclusion of the  meaty, flavorful and succulent Kurobuta katsu range Berkshire hogs.  The tender meat is deep-fried and will guarantee to top all other Ramen experiences.

Blaze a trail to Tonkatsu by Terazawa and have a mouthful of these hot-off-the-bowl Katsu Ramen goodness—a distinctive treat every ramen-loving foodie deserves.

Tonkatsu by Terazawa is a part of The Bistro Group; do check it out at

Robinsons Supermarket marks 100th store milestone through launch of Robinsons Selections

A new grocery experience comes to Bonifacio Global City’s most invigorating strip, as grocery chain-giant Robinsons Supermarket opens its milestone 100th store in the form of Robinsons Selections.


The new modern grocery store opened on October 23 at Eight Forbes Town Road with a ceremonial ribbon cutting led by Hon. Lani Cayetano, Mayor of Taguig; Mr. Kevin Tan, Vice-President & Commercial Division Head of Megaworld Corp.; Ms. Robina Gokongwei-Pe, President and COO of Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. and Mr. Jody Gadia, General Manager of Robinsons Supermarket.


(L-R) Mr. Jody Gadia, General Manager, Robinsons Supermarket Corp. (RSC); Mr. John Gokongwei, Jr., Chairman Emeritus, JG Summit Holdings, Inc.; Hon. Lani Cayetano, Mayor of Taguig; Ms. Robina Gokongwei-Pe, President & COO, Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. (RRHI); Mr. Kevin Tan, First Vice-President & Commercial Head, Megaworld

Robinsons Selections aims to become the grocery shopping destination for discerning shoppers. While it still retains the same core values of Robinsons Supermarket – with its promise of clean and hygienic store, fresh and healthy food – it sets itself apart through its modern design, cool ambience and wider assortment of gourmet and imported products. The sophisticated white brick wall interiors and sleek steel shelves make Robinsons Selections a fine addition to the vibrant community of Burgos Circle.

From a healthy and delicious food-to-go section to a pharmacy, gourmet deli aisle and health and wellness lanes, Robinsons Selections provides a convenient and practical one-stop hub for essentials. Staying relevant to the times, the store is also a Wi-Fi hotspot.

“This new retail sub-format is part of the company’s efforts to extend its reach by tapping niche markets. We endeavor to deliver better service by understanding our customers and their ever-changing consumption patterns,” said Robinsons Supermarket General Manager Jody Gadia.

Robinsons Selections boasts of leisure grocery shopping filled with the celebration of the familiar and the discovery of new and global brands.  Visit Robinsons Selections now at Eight Forbes Town Road, open daily from 9am to 11pm. Visit its official website at or “Like” its Facebook page to get the latest updates.

Young bakers shine in URC Flour’s “Flourish Pilipinas 2014″

Rachelle Janne Javier of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA in Las Piñas, and Alfie Jaca and Mary Joy dela Cruz of St. Louis College Valenzuela were hailed  regional grand winners in the Metro Manila leg of “Flourish Pilipinas 2014.” Besting 61 other contenders, these young bakers wowed the judges with their special scrumptious baked creations that highlighted local fruits and produce.

Now on its second year, Flourish Pilipinas is the nationwide baking competition of Universal Robina Corporation (URC) Flour Division that celebrates, nurtures, and preserves Filipino flour-based delicacies throughout the country, promoting Philippine tourism through the country’s varied and unique breads and pastries.

The Board of Judges composed of Chef and Yummy food columnist Eliseo “Junjun” de Guzman, URC Flour Division Technology Manager Nic Ines, and Yummy magazine Associate Food Editor and professional food stylist Sharlene Tan, reviewed the recipes based on taste, appearance, creativity, and use of local and indigenous ingredients.

The three regional grand winners all received baking course scholarships to school of their choice worth P25,000 and cash prize of P10,000 in cash from URC Flour Division, KitchenAid Hand Mixers and Choppers, and gift packs from sponsors.

         Rachelle Janne received the top prize in the Bread category with her recipe 7,107 Island Sweet Bread. The tasty treat stars indigenous ingredients such as coco jam, pili nuts, dried mangoes, and raisins.  A Hotel and Restaurant Management student, Rachelle Janne shared that she has always loved to cook, but discovered her talent in baking when she joined a school organization. When she found out from a friend that URC Flour Division was holding a baking competition, she felt that it was a chance for her to hone and showcase her skills.

rachel-javier-n-recipeRachelle Janne Javier of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA in Las Piñas, captured the sweet flavors of the Philippines in her 7,107 Islands Sweet Bread.

         Alfie took the top prize in the Cake division with his Jack and Anna Chocolate Cake, named after its star ingredients jackfruit and bananas. The winning baker said that he chose these native fruits because they are sweet and abundant in the country. “Jackfruits are also healthy sources of calories and does not contain cholesterol,” he added. For Alfie, joining Flourish Pilipinas 2 was unforgettable and inspiring. “The competition fueled my passion for baking, and developed my creativity and versatility,” he said. “I am very thankful that companies like URC Flour take the initiative to support young bakers and pastry chefs like us.”

alfie-jaca-n-recipeAlfie Jaca of St. Louis College Valenzuela incorporated his favorite fruits, jackfruit and banana, in his Jack and Anna Chocolate Cake.

           Mary Joy’s Lengua Cookie Sandwich with Pili Nut Kisses earned her the grand prize in the Cookie Category. The recipe boasts of the combined flavors of chocolate and barako coffee, and calamansi and vanilla, plus a refreshing mango yogurt cream and chocolate ganache filling. Set on a lengua cookie, the dish is topped with a pili nut kiss.  The young baker shared that joining Flourish Pilipinas 2 was an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

mary-joy-dlcruz-n-recipeMary Joy dela Cruz of St. Louis College Valenzuela created the Lengua Sandwich Cookie with Pili Nut Kiss, filled with the goodness of chocolate, barako coffee, calamansi and vanilla.

25th Year French Baker Launches “Paris Fly-Off” Promo As Thanksgiving To Its Loyal Patrons

The French Baker,  the original French bakery-cafe that first opened in SM City North Edsa 25 years ago; together with Insight Vacations, Rajah Travel Corporation and Etihad Airways, today launched “Visit Paris in Summer 2015”, a raffle promo where one lucky winner will get the chance to visit and experience Paris, France next year.

This much-anticipated promo marks French Baker’s 25years of bringing European-style breads in the mass market, and the company’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to the customers who have embraced and supported the patisserie over the years.

“It was in 1985 when I travelled to Europe for the first time that I fell in love with PARIS and her baked goodies. Since then I’ve dreamt of doing the same so that I can impart a similar experience to our kababayans in the Philippines,” shared Johnlu G. Koa, professor turned entrepreneur, and now Founder and CEO of The French Baker.

Johnlu-KoaJohnlu Koa toasts the guests at the 25th anniversary celebration of The French Baker of which he is the president and CEO. With him (from left) are his beauteous wife Alu and “ninong” Sen. Edgardo Angara.

“It is for this same reason that we wanted to give back to our loyal customers the same French experience not just through our products, but by giving one lucky winner a chance to see and feel for themselves the beauty and charm of Paris.”

Experience France

“Visit Paris in Summer 2015” gives one lucky winner and three of his companions an all-expense paid 10-day trip to Paris through luxury escorted tours provider Insight Vacations, together with Rajah Travel Corporation, and Etihad Airways as the official airline.


Johnlu Koa (3rd from left) with The French Baker’s foundation partners who share their blessings, time and resources with the less fortunate.

Every P500 worth of dine-in and take-out single receipt from any The French Baker branch entitles the customer one raffle coupon.  The promo will run from November 5, 2014 until March 15, 2015. Grand Draw will be on March 20, 2015.

25 The French Baker gift certificates worth P5,000.00 each are also up for grabs.

The grand prize winner will get to spend at least three days in each of France’ key cities, including Paris, the old Roman City of Nimes; and finally in Monte Carlo.

“People may ask why four tickets for one winner, and not four winners with one ticket each?” Koa furthers. “The reason is that we wanted the winner to see the charms of France and experience that magical feeling together with family and friends, and not just by themselves.”

“We are very excited for this promo,” said Sheryl Lim, Regional Director for Insight Vacations. “We see it as a perfect way for The French Baker to celebrate 25 years in the country, and for showing their gratitude to their loyal customers.”

Insight Vacations also launched its 2015 itinerary and magazine, which is available through Rajah Travel Corporation.

“As a company known for our world-class travel itineraries, we will make sure that through Insight Vacations, we will provide the winners with only the most immersive look at French history and culture.” said Aileen Clemente, Rajah Travel Corporation Chairman and President.

Likewise for Etihad Airways that will fly the winners in class.

“We give utmost importance to the safety and comfort of our customers,” said Juan Torres, General Manager for the Philippines at Etihad Airways. “Our winner will surely experience great service and hospitality that the Etihad Airways is known for.”

25 years of The French Baker

Apart from the raffle promo, The French Baker also featured a spectacle of fashion, art, music, entertainment and food in the form of tableaus at the Fashion Hall of SM Megamall:

French-Baker-breadsPart of the sumptuous buffet served at the 25th Anniversary celebrations of The French Baker held at the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall.

The Art tableau, which are decorated with paintings from France; the Fashion Tableau, with models dressed in Parisian Chic; the Wine and Cheese tableau, which offered exquisite cheeses from different parts of Europe; and the Food tableau, which provided a delectable choice of entrees.

Opening its first branch at the SM City North Edsa in 1989, The French Baker began as a startup selling French-inspired breads and pastries such as baguettes, croissants, sourdough and tarts alongside local favorites like pan de sal and ensaymada, until it expanded into a casual dine-in that also offers soups, salads, pasta and pizza.

It prides itself as the first establishment to introduce European-style breads and pastries in the Philippine market, and the first to employ the nightly half-price sale to ensure the freshness of baked goods to be sold the next day.

Today, The French Baker has 52 branches all over the country, and has expanded to include The French Baker “Salon de The” edition.

“This is a noteworthy milestone not only for me but for all of us. I thank you all for the support, especially those who have been patronizing our products since we opened 25 years ago. We have achieved so much, and I hope you keep on supporting us so we can do more in the future,” Koa said.

Another milestone

Meanwhile, Koa has garnered yet another milestone for his exceptional business management performance after receiving an award for the Outstanding Category of the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) held recently at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.

APEA is an awards ceremony organized by Enterprise Asia that honors entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region who have shown outstanding leadership and innovation when it comes to managing their businesses. It aims to bring together businessmen from different countries and improve the economic development across the region.

Koa is one of the very first Filipino entrepreneur in the history of APEA to be given the coveted award. Speaking at The French Baker 25th anniversary celebration, Koa said he is proud to be able to show the world the passion and perseverance that drives many Filipino entrepreneurs like him.

“I am very happy and proud to be the first Filipino entrepreneur to receive this prestigious award. This is a significant achievement not just for me but for all the hardworking entrepreneurs  here in the country,” Koa said.

Fondue Factory Cafe Brings Chocolatey Excitement To Manila

The Fondue Factory Café, the most innovative and first-of-its-kind “Express Chocolate Fondue” dessert concept in the country, recently provided the local media with an unforgettable chocolaty experience at one of the country’s largest malls—SM Mall of Asia.

A brainchild of co-founders Jovee Vargas, a self-taught dessert whiz, and Joe Bailey Guerrero, a visionary entrepreneur, Fondue Factory Café started with the notion that “everything tastes better with chocolate.” With that vision, the partners created a fondue chocolate business that will provide people who love chocolate the opportunity to enjoy their favorite chocolate treats together with their choice of fruits, pastries, and a whole lot more easy-to-grab dessert items.

business-partnersBusiness partners and “chocoholics” Jovee Vargas and Joe Bailey Guevarra are behind the Fondue Factory

     Vargas manages Fondue Factory Café’s commissary and kitchen and is the brainchild of their luscious chocolate fondue, while Guerrero, with his vast experience in business administration, events management and sales and marketing, takes care of the company’s business operations.

“For Fondue Factory Café, I formulated chocolate mixes that are truly home-grown, which you can’t buy in any commercial outlet. I use 100% real chocolate and you can really taste the difference! These chocolaty products are the subject of long hours of painstaking research in order to get the right mix, consistency and flavor of chocolate that the public will truly love, alone or with fruits or pastries,” explains Vargas.

fondueFondue all you want and the best-tasting chocolate ever to go with marshmallow, fruits and more!

     For his part, Guerrero said what they offer are “chocolate fondue treats that are not only delicious and of quality creaminess but also easy on the budget,” particularly for families with kids—even the kids at heart—to really enjoy and savor as a favorite family snack during bonding time after work or school, or even on a lazy weekend.

Fondue Factory Café, which started back in late 2012, offers a varied choice of fruits, baked goodies and confectionaries to be dipped in their choice of Premium Dark, Milk or White Chocolate, in order to make that perfect lip-smacking chocolate dessert and snack fare everyone will enjoy.

Each Fondue Factory Café outlet serves some of the best chocolate treats in town where you can find specially designed fondue cups and sticks, pies and sandwiches, chocolate-dipped strawberries and other fruity delights, desserts expertly placed in shot glasses, designer cupcakes, chocolate truffles, plus coffee and other high-quality, value-for-money refreshments.

And everyone who will go to any Fondue Factory Café cart or counter will find their experience truly enlightening. With an eye-catching and engaging look in terms of modern design and construction that provides each with a classy, high-quality feel, it would be hard to resist the urge to go and try out the chocolate goodness flowing from each chocolate fountain. Coupled with its well-trained and friendly staff, no wonder that many people, mostly families and groups of friends, often take the customary “selfie” photo poses in front of every Fondue Factory Cart.

Aside from providing exciting chocolate desserts and other snacks in their counters, carts or kiosks, Fondue Factory Café can also offer their chocolate fondue fountain expertise through “off-site” dessert bar catering services. Fondue Factory Café provides customized catering packages ideal for special events like birthdays, family parties or reunions, corporate gatherings, weddings and other important occasions.

fresh-fruitsFresh fruits taste better at the Fondue Factory, of course, with chocolate!

     “Filipinos are among the world’s best lovers of chocolates and more importantly, they know the kind of chocolate that they want. Plus the fact that everyone is so delighted with the chocolate fountain concept that it has become a staple in many gatherings. With Fondue Factory Café, they can now enjoy their chocolate fondue treats anytime by simply going to our stores and take pleasure in our chocolate offerings,” adds Guerrero.

Fondue Factory Café spacious counters are found at SM Mall of Asia in Pasay and SM Marikina, or you can visit their carts and counters at Market! Market! In Taguig City, SM Hypermart in Pasig City, Glorietta in Makati City, SM San Lazaro in Manila, Robinsons Forum at the corner of Boni Avenue and EDSA in Mandaluyong City and soon at SM North EDSA in Quezon City and Trinoma.

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